Serious Health Issues of Extreme Obesity

Extreme obesity is a real health issue. Obesity is a condition faced by women and men. However, there are some conditions that affect women only.

One condition that extremely obese women may face is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Although it can occur in any woman, overweight or not, it is much more common among overweight and obese women.

It can even occur in young girls who are just entering puberty, but generally doesn't unless they're overweight. When it occurs very young, serious reproductive problems can result.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome usually goes hand in hand with insulin resistance. When a person is overweight and/or eating a diet rich in simple carbs that are absorbed quickly into the bloodstream, insulin resistance can occur pretty easily.

This is when the body's insulin production is no longer enough to remove the blood sugar from the blood stream. The body has become insulin resistant because of the large amounts that have been released by necessity over a period of time.

PCOS causes small cysts to grow on the ovaries. While the cysts themselves aren't harmful, they cause hormone imbalances that lead to other problems.

A person with PCOS will always have elevated testosterone levels. This hormone when in excess in can cause facial hair growth, excessive hair growth in places like, stomach and back, and problems with the reproductive cycle.

When too much testosterone is present in a woman's body, menstrual periods can be delayed, irregular and either very light or very heavy. In some cases, periods can stop altogether. PCOS can affect the reproductive cycle so much that it can be difficult or impossible for a woman to get pregnant.

PCOS causes weight gain, and can make it very difficult for extreme obese women or any women to lose weight. Women suffering with PCOS can also have issues with acne.

Another bad symptom of PCOS is depression. Hormonalchanges and fluctuations caused by PCOS can directly contribute to feelings of sadness and depression, too.

While doctors say that PCOS can't be prevented, eating healthy, getting regular exercise and not smoking are the recommended treatments for the condition. So it stands to reason that if you practice these things already, even if you are pre-disposed to developing the condition you may never suffer symptoms of the disease.

PCOS can strike any girl, even teenagers, but those who eat poor diets, don't exercise, and smoke are at a greater risk. For extreme obese women, unfortunatelly, there is almost not a matter of whether or not they'll get PCOS, but when.

So, the suggestion is to stick to healthy eating, choose any kind of physical activity that you like and can stick to it as a long-term commitment. In addition, avoid smoking or drinking too much alcohol. If you booze you lose! 1 glass of red wine per day is allowed, but no more than that. Not only for the bad effects of alcohol on your health, but also due to the unecessary empty calorie intake. 1 glass of red wine contains from 80 to 120 calories! So, considering how much effort you make to lose weight, there is really no need to gain unecessary calories from drinks!

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