The Story

Kickstart a healthy lifestyle comprising of the best outlook and practices towards self-love, healing food habits with delicious recipes, and a healing mindset under the guidance of Vesna Carter, founder of Healthynutritioncoach.


Vesna is a Registered NTP Nutritionist, Reg. n° 104823034, author of several books, and mom who will guide you towards a healthy direction of body and mind transformation so you can live a life by expressing yourself fully.

The journey started her own struggles with physical health.


She found her calling in nutrition and soon became a NTP nutritionist also specializing in Traditional Chinese medicine since herbal formulas were the real click for her energy and overall well-being.


She extends her personal journey with her clients looking to undertake weight programs and beat food cravings through a healthy diet.

Vesna started to write about her passions and developed her own online programs to reach out to and help people with their health journey.


Healthynutritioncoach was founded to support those who are also struggling with similar health difficulties.


Today, her platform has already reached out to thousands of people who have succeeded in their battles with food cravings, weight loss, lack of energy, and improving the overall immune system.

As a certified NTP nutritionist, she has helped thousands of women worldwide to deal with food cravings achieving excellent weight-loss results. She runs online coaching, programs, and courses as well as a busy offline practice.

Healthynutritioncoach offers various challenges, programs, online courses, 1:1 coaching and natural TCM herbs that help people in their weight loss success. You can also book an initial free consultation to check out your prospects with your journey for a healthy lifestyle.